L.M. Lindeman: Organ Works – Kåre Nordstoga

Ludvig Mathias Lindeman: Variations on “Hvo veed, hvor nær mig er ende” · 3 Fugues on B-A-C-H · Variations on “Hvo ikkun lader Herren raade” ·more… Kroningsmarch

Kåre Nordstoga, the Ryde & Berg organ in Oslo Cathedral

Unknown works for organ from one of the most important figures in Norwegian music history, Ludvig Mathias Lindeman, performed by the eminent organist Kåre Nordstoga.

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Genre: Organ

Great organ works by L.M. Lindeman

The recordings of Kåre Nordstoga are highly regarded by the informed listener. Nordstoga’s last release on Simax Classics, the Toccatas & Fugas of J.S. Bach, was nominated for the 2001 Norwegian Grammy Award. Throughout his playing is characterised by a strong rhythmical drive and eminent technique. For this release Nordstoga has concentrated on the organ works of one of his predecessors as organist in the Oslo Cathedral; Ludvig Mathias Lindeman.

We have little knowledge of Lindeman’s work as a composer, as many of his manuscrips were lost in a fire in 1860. What is left is for the most part music for organ, choral material, hymns and tunes. As Kåre Nordstoga so convincingly shows us in this recording, Lindeman’s contrapuntal technique was phenomenal. He must also have been a very accomplished performer himself. His two big variation works are all really the main issue on this recording, together with the three fugues in honour of B-A-C-H. Finally there is his Coronation March, written for the coronation of King Oscar II and Queen Sophie in Nidarosdomen 18 July 1873.

Erik Gard Amundsen |Kåre Nordstoga |L.M. Lindeman

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