Johan Halvorsen Orchestral Works Vol. 2 – Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

Johan Halvorsen: Symphony no.2 “Fatum", D minor; Symphony no.3, more…C major

Trondheim Symphony Orchestra · Ole Kristian Ruud, conductor

Halvorsen´s symphonies sums up the composer´s broad spectre of different stylistic impulses.

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Halvorsen´s symphonies

Johan Halvorsen was a prominent figure in Norwegian musical life. Most his compositions are the works of a self-confident musical craftsman. He works in the tradition of classical romanticism, and like his two great models, Grieg and Svendsen, he is influenced by Norwegian folk music, without ever seeming mannered or strained. Exquisitely performed by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, under conductor Ole Kristian Ruud, this recording contains two of Halvorsen´s symphonies. Halvorsen wrote three symphonies, all of which were composed in the 1920s and which in many ways sums up the broad spectre of different stylistic impulses he had come in contact with as a conductor and composer for the theatre. His third and final symphony hit a nerve with its easily recognizable theme, while the composers second symphony is marked by a distinct “fate” theme which occurs in all four movements, a theme which Halvorsen has characterized as his musical self-portrait. In any case, it is no gloomy symphony; it ends in a liberating major.

Further recordings of Johan Halvorsen´s music by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra is available on Simax Classics (PSC1062).

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