Johan Halvorsen: Fossegrimen. Stage Music, vol.3 – Latvia National Symph. Orchestra

Johan Halvorsen: Fossegrimen, Op. 21 (the complete stage music) · Norway's Greeting to Theodore Roosevelt, Opmore…. 31

Latvia National Symph. Orchestra · Terje Mikkelsen, conductor · Arve Moen Bergset, Hardanger fiddle, vocal · Ginnungagap Choir · Øyvind Blunck, tenor · Per Vollestad, baritone · Åshild Skiri Refsdal, soprano · Joachim Sebastian Kjesbu, boy soprano

(Norsk) Det het seg nemlig at Myllarguten skulle ha lært å spille av Fossegrimen, i folketroen de underjordiskes musikalske lederskikkelse, «og sett sjæli si i pant for læra».

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Johan Halvorsen: Fossegrimen, op.21 · Norway’s Greetings to Theodore Roosevelt

Johan Halvorsen was Musical Director at Nationaltheatret in Oslo for 30 years. He wrote, in
addition to everything else, music to more than 30 plays including works by Shakespeare, Bjørnson and others. The play Fossegrimen was written by Sigurd Eldegard, and is based on the Norwegian legend about the fabulous fiddler Myllarguten. According to tradition (and parallel to the Paganini legend) Myllarguten learned to play the fiddle from the Fossegrim himself, the musical leader of all underground creatures, and ‘pawned his soul for the craft’. Eldegard even incorporated Myllarguten’s encounter with Ole Bull, in the play referred to as the Master Fiddler.


The Complete Music to Fossegrimen, 1910 Nobel Peace Price Anthem. Two premiere recordings!

The choice of Halvorsen for the making of this music was self-evident. He had learned to play the Hardanger fiddle a few years earlier, and was so fascinated by the ‘slåtte’-tradition that he embarked on being the first in music history to use the Hardanger fiddle as a solo instrument with a symphony orchestra.

Simax Classics is now presenting all of the music from Fossegrimen for the first time on record. Arve Moen Bergset is soloist both on Hardanger fiddle and violin, in the same manner as the composer himself was during performances of the play. In addition Bergset sings the beautiful Torgeir’s Song, Per Vollestad contributes with Kjøkemeisterens Vise and Øyvind Blunck appears as the snapping Fossekallen.

The Nobel Peace Price Committee for the 1910 award to Theodore Roosevelt commissioned the second piece in this release. Halvorsen gives a display of his master craftsmanship when he combines the American ‘Star Spangled Banner’ and ‘Yankee Doodle’ with Norwegian folk melodies in this piece.

Arve Moen Bergset |Åshild Skiri Refsdal |Erik Gard Amundsen |Ginnungagap Choir |Joachim Sebastian Kjesbu |Johan Halvorsen |Latvia National Symph. Orchestra |Øyvind Blunck |Per Vollestad |Terje Mikkelsen

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