Hear – Norwegian Soloists' Choir

Arnold Schönberg: Friede auf Erden; Gustav Mahler: Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen; Krzysztof Penderecki: Song of Cherubim; Bo Holten: Regn, rusk og rosenbusk; Lasse Thoresen: From the sweet scented streams of eternity; Knut Nystedt: O Cruxmore…; Henry Purcell / Sven David Sandström: Hear my prayer, O Lord

The Norwegian Soloist' Choir (Det Norske Solistkor) · Grete Pedersen, conductor

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Choir music from the 20th century

On the record Hear we meet The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir both retaining the central works from the vocal repertoire of the 20th century, and offering examples of more recent choral music. We hear pieces by composers such as Bo Holten, Lasse Thoresen, Arnold Schoenberg and the founder of the Soloists’ Choir, Knut Nystedt. The cd begins and ends with reworkings of older works. First Sven- Davis Sandström’s reworking of Henry Purcell’s Hear My Prayer that after a while has become a familiar classic. The album ends with Clytus Gottwald richly elaborate version of the beautiful piece Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen by Gustav Mahler.

Was founded in 1950 and has since then had its aim to be a top-class ensemble, dedictated to the performance of choral music. With this as its primary target, the choir has achieved a unique position in Norwegian musical circles. The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir is led by the conductor Grete Pedersen Helgerød. In her work with among others including The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir , she has distinguished herself as one of the nation’s leading and most versatile conductors.

Arnold Schönberg |Bo Holten |Grete Pedersen |Gustav Mahler |Henry Purcell |Jørn Pedersen |Knut Nystedt |Lasse Thoresen |Norwegian Soloists’ Choir |Sven-David Sandström

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