Guitarmusic of Antoine de L’Hoyer, vol 2 – Erik Stenstadvold

Antoine de L'Hoyer: Six Duos Consertants; Sixmore… Serenades

Martin Haug, guitar · Erik Stenstadvold, guitar

After their successful first album, the duo Erik Stenstadvold and Martin Haug returns yet again to the unkown, but magnificent, guitar music by Antoine de Lhoyer.

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Volume two of Antoine de Lhoyer´s guitar music

Until quite recently the music of Antoine de Lhoyer was unknown to nearly all guitarists, to say nothing of the general public. This was highly unjust, as de Lhoyer should be acknowledged as one of the central guitar composers of the 19th century, and certainly the foremost French guitar composer of his time. The duo Erik Stenstadvold and Martin Haug returns yet again to the music of de Lhoyer, after their previous album “Antoine de Lhoyer: Music for Two Guitars” (PSC1119), released in 1994 on Simax Classics to wide acclaim, containing some of the composer´s largest two-guitar works. In this new volume the duo presents de Lhoyer´s “Six Duos Concertans pour Deux Guitares” and “Six Sérénades Faciles pour Deux Guitares”, both representing compositions of a smaller scale – but of no lesser quality.

Erik Stenstadvold, a respected authority on 19th-century guitar music, its history and performance practice, and Martin Haug, guitarist, composer, arts journalist and music critic, established their duo in 1989 with the aim of presenting the original 19th-century repertoire for two guitars, played on period instruments. This is their second album as a duo.

Antoine de L’Hoyer |Birgitte Stærnes |Erik Stenstadvold |Martin Haug

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