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George Crumb: Makrokosmos I & II – Ellen Ugelvik

GEORGE CRUMB: Makrokosmos I · Makrokosmosmore… II

Ellen Ugelvik, piano

… the way the Ugelvik has so completely absorbed the required idiom make concentrated listening to Makrokosmos on the sensitively-recorded SACD a spell-binding experience. Ugelvik’s [recording] must now be considered a worthy front-runner. [MusicWeb / Mark Sealy]

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Ugelvik makes her debut with the classic Crumb in modern piano literature

Ellen Ugelvik makes her debut recording with the world’s first 5.1 surround sound presentation of George Crumb’s Makrokosmos I & II. Her approach is powerful, delecately focused and detailed. Captured to the full in the overwhelming soundfield of this recording it makes the marvels of Crumb’s cycle truly available for the first time.

Ellen Ugelvik gives concerts with contemporary music all over the world. The critics call her “fearless, unforgettable, convincing, virtuos and impressive” in the outstanding reviews she receives for her concerts.


Debut with a classic in modern piano literature

The expanding soundscape of Crumb – invitations and challenges

One of the most well known composers of his generation, George Crumb has developed his very own piano style over the years – a sonic universe of limitless variety. One does not ‘just play’ Crumb, the performer is also required to whistle, sing, shout and whisper in numerous clearly defined ways. Ellen Ugelvik has studied the Makrokosmos in detail with Crumb himself, enabling her to investigate further into the ideas and ideals behind various parameters in the score.

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