Fartein Valen Symphonies

Fartein Valen: The Four Symphonies: Symphony no1, op.30; Symphony no.2, op.40; Symphony no.3, op.41, Symphony no.4, opmore…. 43

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra · Aldo Ceccato, conductor

Fartein Valen´s four symphonies collected on one release – a fantastic collection of truly unique works of music.

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The symphonies of Fartein Valen

The music of Fartein Valen relfects a personality both wise and naïve, and as fervent in his thinking as in his way of conveying his thoughts, though his natural shyness always prevents this fervour from becoming bombastic. His four finished symphonies do not boast violent contrasts and the steady evolutionary growth that are usually considered the hallmarks of symphonic genius. The force of the music comes from the melodic tensions imbedded in the linear counterpoint. The dimensions, however, have become larger. Ideas propagate with exuberant rapidity that is mainly due to the ´long repiration´ now present in Valen´s music. On this album, all four symphonies by Valen are recorded by Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Aldo Ceccato – a fantastic collection of symphonies that are truly highly unique!

Aldo Ceccato |Arne Peter Rognan |Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra |Fartein Valen

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