Edvard Grieg: Op. 66 & Op. 72 – Geir Botnen

Edvard Grieg: Norwegian Folk Songs and Peasant Dances from op.66 &more…; op.72

Geir Botnen, piano · Knut Hamre, Hardanger fiddle · Reidun Horvei, vocal

Edvard Grieg´s masterpieces "Norwegian Folk Songs" and "Norwegian Peasant Dances", exceptionally well-performed by the folk music trio Geir Botnen, Knut Hamre and Reidun Horvei.

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Genre: Folk Music

Edvard Grieg’s love of folk music

Edvard Grieg´s melodic and rhythmic sources are to be found in genuine, at the time sparsely studied Norwegian folk music. When Grieg made it to the age of fifty his feelings for this music intensified for many reasons: the rediscovery of the Norwegian countryside in the company of good friends on travels through fjords, mountains and valleys; the encounters with people in isolated villages, mountain pastures, shepherd´s huts and hunters´ lodges where folk music lives on as a function of everyday life. At this point in 1896-97 he turns his pen to “Norwegian Folk Songs”, opus 66, a mature masterpiece. And on the threshold of a new century, “Slåtter”, opus 72, containing challenges to ever-new generations of pianists. It is from these two collections – and their sources – the three Norwegian artists Geir Botnen (piano), Knut Hamre (Hardanger fiddle) and Reidun Horvei (song) have chosen the material for this album.

Reidun Horvei has a background in the folk tradition from her formative years, has studied with several of our foremost representatives of traditional singing – kveding – and is highly regarded for her interpretation of folk tunes. Knut Hamre grew up in a fertile folk music environment where the Hardanger Fiddle has had a prominent position for centuries and is now considered one of the foremost exponents of this national instrument. Geir Botnen too has folk music in his blood, and has accordingly interpreted the works of western Norwegian composers, from Edvard Grieg to Geirr Tveitt. The trio has performed extensively in Norway, including performances in the Troldsalen concert hall at Grieg´s home, Troldhaugen, during the Bergen International Festival.

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