Contemporary Double Bass vol 2 – Bjørn Ianke

Antonio Bibalo: Inventione evolutiva; Antonio Bibalo: Reise med båt uten båt; Åsmund Feidje: Contrabbacchus; Klaus Huber: Ein Hauch von Unzeit VII; Luciano Berio: PSY; Giacinto Scelsi: C'est bien lamore… nuit

Bjørn Ianke, double bass · Siri Torjesen, soprano

– compelling and evocative performances that never fail to communicate or intrigue. [David Heyes / The Strad]

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Bass and soprano

A fine vehicle for composers ongoing search for the novel timbral and expressive registers, the double bass’ size and the length of its strings are, among other things eminently suitable for the production of overtones. The flagolet’s delicate touch stirs a muse whose character is lyrical – on this recording heard in the music of Giacinto Scelsi, Klaus Huber, Antonio Bibalo and Åsmund Feidje. The eminent bass player Bjørn Ianke is even joined by soprano Siri Torjesen for one of the pieces; the dramatic “Boat Journey without a Boat”.

Antonio Bibalo |Bjørn Ianke |Erik Gard Amundsen |Giacinto Scelsi |Luiciano Berio |Siri Torjesen

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