Children’s Corner – Peter Katin

Gabriel Grovlez: L'almanach aux Images; Déodat de Sévérac: En Vacances; Jaques Ibert: Histoires; Claude Debussy: Children'smore… Corner

Peter Katin, piano

– This recital is a quiet delight. [Fanfare]

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Genre: ChildrenPiano

Peter Katin in the children’s corner

The renowned pianist Peter Katin serves a playful repertoire of the four composers Grovlez, Severac, Ibert and Debussy. In their unique way of capturing these composers in their music the imagination and the freedom to be found in a child’s mind. A wide repertoire of neat pieces, evocative melodies and playful twists combine to create an exciting album that you can hear over and over again.

To the work L’Almanach aux Images (picture book) by Gabriel Grovlez is poems that fit the various pieces that conjures up moods and images attached. The pieces by Déodat Severac is about the two children Toto and Mimi, who loved to imitate others. Jacques Ibert Histories gives us a variety of musical expression through ten small pieces based on the same number of short stories. The CD round off with the beloved Children’s Corner (children’s corner) by Debussy.

Peter Katin has since achieved great career success including his performances of Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin.

Claude Debussy |Jaques Ibert |Peter Katin

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