Brahms Symphonies nos. 2 & 3 – Mariss Jansons

Johannes Brahms: Symphony no.2, D major · Symphony no.3, more…F major

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra · Mariss Jansons, conductor

Mariss Jansons and the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, give prominence to the lyrical geniality of Brahms´ second and third symphonies.

The ´Brahmsian´ symphonic ideal

Johannes Brahms wrote his second symphony in the summer of 1877 and it premiered in Vienna the same year to immediate popular success. The symphony, which traditionally has been considered the most genial of Brahms four, is characterised by a wholly ´Brahmsian´ symphonic ideal, less dramatic and more lyrical. Indeed, it shows a personal sense of grief or deep melancholy – particularly in the Adagio, with the character of a meditation in the darkest depths of a forest – although contrasted with the third movement´s spirit of delight or the triumphant, liberated mood of the finale. His third symphony was mainly written six years later and premiered the same year under Hans Richter who dubbed it ´Brahms´ Eroica´ – also an instant popular success. Combining a masterly concision of structure with remarkable freedom and richness of thought, of all Brahms´ orchestral works it is the one in which instrumental colour is most often employed for its own sake.

Mariss Jansons, music director of Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra 1979-2000, is recognized as one of the most distinguished musicians of his generation. He has become known to audiences all over the world through his acclaimed recordings, concert performances, and tours as well as for his numerous radio and television appearances. The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra is Norway´s most celebrated orchestra and has, under the leadership of Mariss Jansons, won world-wide recognition as an ensemble of top international quality.

Johannes Brahms |Krzysztof Drab |Mariss Jansons |Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

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