Beethoven Piano Sonatas no. 18 & no. 32 – Robert Riefling

Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata no.18, E flat major, op.3 1 · Piano Sonata no.3, C minor, opmore…. 111

Robert Riefling, piano

This is undoubtedly one of Robert Riefling´s strongest recordings and a worthy memorial for one of Norway´s most skilled pianists.

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A worthy memorial

Although Robert Riefling recorded all 32 of Beethoven´s piano sonatas in 1970, he had a strong desire to re-record them. The recording sessions began in March 1988, but unfortunately he died only three months later on July 1, at the age of 76. This album is the only one he managed to complete, containing Op. 31 No. 3 and Op. 111; two sonatas which were often included in his concert program and with which he felt a close relationship. In a Norwegian TV program, February 1988, Riefling stated the following about Beethoven´s last four sonatas: “They are pillars, the colossus of piano literature. Each differs completely from the others. In the last of the sonatas, Op. 111, Beethoven contrasted two personalities; the almost fanatical, struggling as opposed to the pure, lucid, heavenly.”

After several exceptional recordings of Bach´s works, Beethoven´s sonatas were the last project Robert Riefling would embark on. This album stands out as a colossus in, and a highly dignified closing of, the pianist´s long career. His playing is characterized by a flawless technique, a strong personal dedication and a never-failing musical insight. He has marked himself as one of Scandinavia´s foremost performers through countless concerts over the world, and has recorded closer to 60 albums. This is undoubtedly one of his strongest recordings and a worthy memorial for one of Norway´s most skilled pianists.

Arne Akselberg |Ludwig van Beethoven |Robert Riefling

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