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Beethoven/Haydn: Det Norske Blåseensemble, Christian Ihle Hadland, Eivind Aadland – Det Norske Blåseensemble

Ludwig Van Beethoven – Piano Concerto No.3
Joseph Haydn – Symphonymore…

DET NORSKE BLÅSEENSEMBLE: Fløyte: Inger Johanne Berg, Rose Elin Austad Nes. Obo: David F. Strunck, Kristina Ohlwein. Klarinett: Eirik Jordal, Inge Nøstvold, Roar Alnes Aarum, Tor-Egill Hansen. Fagott: Christer Bergby, Leann Currie. Saksofon: Kristin Haagensen, Morten Norheim. Valthorn: Steinar Granmo Nilsen, Britt Kristin Larsen. Barokktrompet: Stian Aareskjold, Torgeir Haara. Barokktrombone: Torild G. Berg, Miguel T. Sevillano, Tarjei Grimsby. Cimbasso: Roger Fjeldet. Cello: Alex Rolton. Kontrabass: Roger Morland. Cembalo: Gunnhild P. Tønder (Haydn). Pauker: Håkon Skyberg. DIRIGENT: Eivind Aadland PIANO: Christian Ihle Hadland ARRANGØR: Stian Aareskjold

The Norwegian Wind Ensemble takes Beethoven and Haydn to new heights

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After several challenging years, marked by the pandemic and a harsh political climate, we fortunately have musical treasures we can unearth. This is precisely what the Norwegian Wind Ensemble has done. This spring, they are presenting two masterful pieces of music that deserve the full attention of an interested listener. 


Also at the dawn of the 19th century, the world was a turbulent place. Napoleon Bonaparte established himself as a powerful figure in a turbulent Europe. It was during this time of uncertainty and constant changes in politics, society, and culture that Beethoven’s third piano concerto was created. This is when we must listen to the signals that music gives us, preferably mixed with a solid dose of the present. 

The Norwegian Wind Ensemble is proud to have Christian Ihle Hadland as the soloist for Beethoven’s third piano concerto. Christian had his first piano lesson over thirty years ago. History books tell us about a pianist with a significant international and national career, constantly evolving over three decades. Christian is characterized by his delightful playfulness, elegant timing, and perfectionist approach to the works he performs. Christian Ihle Hadland and the Norwegian Wind Ensemble are simply engaged in a blissful half-hour with Beethoven. 

Franz Joseph Haydn’s Symphony No. 44 was referred to as the “Mourning Symphony” by the composer himself, as it was originally intended for his funeral. The Norwegian Wind Ensemble takes this symphony to new heights in 2022, not least due to conductor Eivind Aadland, who steadfastly gives both Beethoven and Haydn new drive in his magnificent orchestral leadership. Eivind has played with the biggest names, for the biggest names, and has a diverse career both at home and abroad. The Norwegian Wind Ensemble always goes the extra mile when Eivind wields the baton. 

Haydn’s four movements are so different yet so relevant. The Norwegian Wind Ensemble sets the standard here, as these notes are unmistakable. It’s intense, and it gets noticed. The music is easily melodious, but the dark undertones do not let go. This could easily be contemporary film music, so it undoubtedly piques curiosity. It’s more playful before it hits and sets the standard. 

The Norwegian Wind Ensemble are enthusiastic communicators of our shared musical tradition. On this release, arranger Stian Aareskjold has highlighted the ensemble’s distinctiveness and strengths in an outstanding way. Stian studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music and has been employed by the Norwegian Wind Ensemble since 2004. He is also associated with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, London’s well-known baroque orchestra “The English Concert,” and several Norwegian baroque ensembles. 

Christian Ihle Hadland |Det Norske Blåseensemble |Eivind Aadland

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