Alf Hurum – Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

Alf Hurum: Symphony, D minor; Bendik og Årolilja, Symphonic Poem; Stringmore… Quartet

Stavanger Symphony Orchestra Alexander Dmitriev, conductor · Vertavo

Debussy was pivotal for the art of Alf Hurum.

The Norwegian impresionist

Alf Hurum (1982-1972) studied composition in Berlin with Max Bruch and others, but it was his meeting with the music of Claude Debussy in Paris that had the strongest influence on him. His string quartet op. 6 is in the classical/romantic tradition with national traits – and certain impressionistic streaks. In his Symphonic Poem ‘Bendik and Aarolilja’, Hurum manages to hit the deeply tragic mood of this anicent norse ballad. This is brought further in his Symphony in D Minor (1927), where the melodic content of the final movement is clearly inspired by the tonality of Norweigan folk-music.

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