3-Way Project – Stein-Erik Olsen

John W. Duarte: Variations sur un theme de Stephan Rak · Nikita Koshkin; OIME – Rhapsody on a theme of John W. Duarte · Stephan Rak: Variations on a theme of Nikita Koshkin · John W. Duarte: Variations on an Andante of Nikita Koshkin · Nikitamore… Koshkin: The Porcelain Tower – variations on a theme of Stephan Rak · Stephan Rak: Variations on a theme by John W. Duarte

Stein-Erik Olsen, guitar

– The possibilities found in the guitar are utilised with elegance and knowledge, creating many special and fascinating moods along the way. Technically and musically Stein-Erik Olsen has never been better. [6/6 Bergens Tidende]

– It is all played superbly by Stein-Erik Olsen. [Colin Cooper, Classical Guitar Magazine]

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New standards

Three of the most distinguished composers for classical guitar, each one developing two themes and sending it to the two others. Result: Six new sets of variations. This is not only a very substantial project, it was unique in the known history of music. And it all started because of a late flight.

There has been a few instances, in which two composers have written works based on one another’s music, but in no case have they exchanged themes for the express purpose; never, so far as we know, have three composers ever been involved in any kind of mutual action. 3-Way Project includes the three most innovative composers with regards to new techniques on the guitar. And the result is strikingly beautiful and playful, 6 new masterpieces!

Since his international debut in 1974, Stein-Erik Olsen’s concert career has brought him all around the world with marvellous receptions everywhere. He has released 6 albums (all for Simax Classics), also to quite exceptional reviews. On our own part we dare to suggest that 3-Way Project sets a new standard for what is possible both musically and sound wise (a recording of extraordinary beauty, signed Arne Akselberg/Abbey Road) on a disc with classical acoustic guitar.

Arne Akselberg |John Duarte |Nikita Koshkin |Stein-Erik Olsen |Stephan Rak

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