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Weill Variations – Music For A While

HANNS EISLER: An den kleinen Radioapparat · KURT WEILL: Ballade von der sexuellen Hörigkeit · Seeräuberjenny · Mackie Messer · Youkali · Surabaya Johnny · Je ne t´aime pas · September Song · Alabama Song · Nanna´s Lied · Ballade vommore… ertrunkenen Mädchen

Music For A While: Tora Augestad, vocal · Stian Carstensen, accordion, guitar · Mathias Eick, trumpet · Martin Taxt · Pål Hausken, drums percussion

Exceptional Weill interpretations.

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Genre: CrossoverJazz

Music for a while: Weill Variations

With their new album, Weill Variations, Music for a while presents a solid and refreshing take on the bitter, satirical, and beautiful ballads and songs of Kurt Weill. Music for a while consists of five young, acknowledged and prominent figures from the Norwegian jazz and pop scene: Tora Augestad, Stian Carstensen, Mathias Eick, Martin Taxt, and Pål Hausken. Together, they have their own personal and intense interpretations of Weill’s unique material.

Kurt Weill wrote cabaret songs, ranging from harsh broadside ballads to languorous show tunes, tragic love songs to humorous songs about people’s destinies. The material is written in interwar Berlin, Paris and the United States after Weill’s escape from the Nazi regime.

Hanns Eisler |Kurt Weill |Martin Taxt |Mathias Eick |Music For A While |Pål Hausken |Stian Carstensen |Tora Augestad

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