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Vindfang – Sigrun Loe Sparboe

SIGRUN LOE SPARBOE: Forliset · Paraply · Vindfang · 12 spor · Som fortjent · Om du fortsatt vil ha mæ · De som frosten tok · Andres klær · Et støkke på vei ·more… Roa

Sigrun Loe Sparboe · Sverre Tollefsen Laupstad · Mattias Krohn Nielsen · Jørgen Smådal Larsen · Heming Valebjørg · Ole Henrik Moe · Christian Winther Farstad · Kari Rønnekleiv · Katrine Schiøtt · Ola Høyer · Eirik Ervik · Ivar Bowitz · Martin Bowitz

In a red-painted house on the shore, she has found time, calm an 10 brand new songs.

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Sigrun Loe Sparboe is ready to release her second solo album

Sigrun Loe Sparboe moved from Grunerløkka in Oslo to a small promontory outside Harstad city to pursue her musical career. In a red-painted house on the shore, she has found time, calm an 10 brand new songs.
Sigrun has released three albums with «Sigrun & The Kitchen Band», but it was when she released her solo debut «Uten at du vet det» in 2013 that she seriously asserted herself as an artist. Her solo debut earned amazing critics and «Musikknyheter» gave the album 9/10 bullets, NRK P1 «Under Lupen» gave her «a dashing score of 5», while the international music magazine «Famous Last Words» announced Sparboe as «Norway’s newest folk sensation» and said it was the third best album of the year.
It is building up great expectations for Sparoe’s new album.
«Such digression is completely welcome due to providing a fine balance of emotions and, in the process, sets up «Uten at du vet det» as a debut that will be extremely difficult to surpass due to being nigh on perfect» (Famous Last Words) – And there’s nothing that indicates that the expectations will not meet.
The album is produced by the guys behind the Norwegian band Kråkesølv (Martin Bowits, Kråkesølv’s producer and Kråkesølv-drummer Jørgen Smaadahl Larsen)

Christian Winther Farstad |Eirik Ervik |Heming Valebjørg |Ivar Bowitz |Jørgen Smådal Larsen |Kari Rønnekleiv |Katrine Schiøtt |Martin Bowitz |Mattias Krohn Nielsen |Ola Høyer |Ole Henrik Moe |Sigrun Loe Sparboe |Sverre Tollefsen Laupstad

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