Vi som ser i mørket – Siri Nilsen

SIRI NILSEN: Huset · Åpen Bok · The Song With No Name · Herregud · Iron Sky · Vær Her Nå · Ears Pierced · Alt Som er Ingenting · De Vil Forstå · Lucias Sang · EGIL CLAUSEN, SIRI NILSEN: Åmore… Mor

Siri Nilsen, vocal, ukulele, percussion, piano · Egil Clausen, mandolin · Helge Nysted, piano · Ola Geir Raftevold, percussion · Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen, cello · Elisa Herbig, cello · Anja Aubert Bang, violin · Therese Lucia Kjelsberg, percussion · Jan Martin Smørdal, guitar, piano, bass, percussion, organ, vocal · Audun Borrmann, guitar, percussion · Even Ormestad, bass · Hayden Powell, trumpet · Erik Johannessen, trombone, vocal · Mathias Eick, double bass, piano · Pål Hausken, drums · Karim Sayed, drums · David Wallumrød, Wurlitzer piano · Saul Gerber, vocal

With a distinctive and beautiful voice Siri Nilsen moves her audiences with her songs music and lyrics.

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Debut album from Siri Nilsen

In 2008 Siri Nilsen won the Grappa debutant price, the following year she released her debut album ‘Vi som ser i mørket’. With a distinctive and beautiful voice she moves her audiences with her songs music and lyrics. Siri Nilsen has gathered both melancholic and jolly songs in both norwegian and english. Siri has written songs for a long time, but only lately she began to perform these songs – for an increasingly expanding audience. On the record she has collaborated with the producer Jan Martin Smørdal (Rockettothesky, Hanne Hukkelberg, Thom Hell) and together they have taken the songs from an unpolished and intuitive live expression to more intricately arranged and exciting soundscapes.

For the last couple of years Siri has performed many concerts on both small and large scale venues. She has also been a member of the band Blues Run the Game with Jens Carelius, Arild Hammerø, Kristian Berg and Marius Simonsen.

Anja Aubert Bang |Audun Borrmann |David Wallumrød |Egil Clausen |Elisa Herbig |Erik Johannessen |Even Ormestad |Hayden Powell |Helge Nysted |Jan Martin Smørdal |Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen |Karim Sayed |Mathias Eick |Ola Geir Raftevold |Pål Hausken |Saul Gerber |Siri Nilsen |Therese Lucia Kjelsberg

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