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Torbjørn Dyrud, organ

Beautiful and unique organ improvisations – a thrilling experience!

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Experimental organ improvisations

For two days, Torbjørn Dyrud sat by the Jürgen Ahrend organ in Mariakirken (St. Mary’s Church) at Gran in Hadeland, improvising. The best cuts were allowed in on the album Alabaster Box Liturgy. As with his first solo album, Quietly to the Fields, the focus is improvised music. While the previous album consisted of improvisations for the grand piano, Dyrud is here experimenting with organ improvisations. Alabaster Box Liturgy is a religious project, a kind of church music in which biblical images and evangelical accounts are linked to the improvisations. With Alabaster Box Liturgy, Dyrud take use of the church organ’s opportunities, playing and experimenting with them. The result is a beautiful and unique album – a thrilling experience.

Fennesz |Torbjørn Dyrud

Release date: 21.09.2009

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