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Safe & Sound – ORBO Ole Reinert Berg-Olsen

ORBO OLE REINERT BERG-OLSEN: Everything Might Change · Time · Telling You Now · Time To Move On · Circus Or The Clown · Ridin' The Waves · Man O' War · Magic · Man For You · Breathing Out · Safe & Sound · BARRY ALAN GIBB, MAURICmore…E ERNEST GIBB, ROBIN HUGH GIBB: You Win Again

ORBO Ole Reinert Berg-Olsen · Reidar F. Opdal · Eirik Larsson · Magnus Åserud Skylstad · Angela Primm · Gayle Mayes

(Norsk) “Safe & Sound” er albumet som følger opp EP’en “Man O’ War” utgitt tidligere i år. Tolv låter, hvorav Ole Reinert Berg-Olsen er låtskriver på elleve av dem.

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Genre: Rock

Orbo : Safe & Sound

"Safe & Sound" is the album that follows up the EP "Man O ‘War," published earlier this year. Twelve songs, and Ole Reinert Berg-Olsen is the songwriter of eleven of them. The album was produced by Ole Reinert himself and Longshot Reidar F. Opdal!
The album is a classic blend of British and American rock and Orbo is accompanied by two musicians from The Longshots, Magnus Skylstad on drums and Reidar Opdalingen on piano. In addition, Eric Larsson on bass and the Americans Angela Primm and Gayle Mayes on backing vocals. EP "Man O ‘War" received very good reviews.
"It is organic in its expression with acoustic guitars, trilling piano tones and ringing electric guitar". (Bergensavisen)
"This EP with four songs is a preview of a whole album coming later this year. And there are four good reasons to look forward to that» (Firdaposten)
"Songwriter in full width" (Oppland Arbeiderblad)

Angela Primm |Barry Alan Gibb |Eirik Larsson |Gayle Mayes |Magnus Åserud Skylstad |Maurice Ernest Gibb |ORBO Ole Reinert Berg-Olsen |Reidar F. Opdal |Robin Hugh Gibb

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