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Robert Smith-Hald, vocal, acoustic guitar, backing vocal, harmonica · Paul Griffith, drums, washboard · Tim Marks, bass guitar · Vegard Henanger , acoustic guitar, baritone, electric guitar, mandolin · ORBO Ole Reinert Berg-Olsen, acoustic guitar, backing vocal, electric guitar, piano, vocal · Ine Tumyr, percussion · Angela Primm, backing vocal Gale Mayes, backing vocal · Reese Wynans, hammond B3 · Fats Kaplin · banjo · fiddle · Lisa Torres, backing vocal · Stephanie Lambring, backing vocal · Erick Jaskowiak, backing vocal

”Robert Smith-Hald debuted to glittering reviews with the indie album ”Innocence Said” in 2009, now he follows up with the explosive album ”Thou mayest”

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Robert Smith-Hald with a explosive new album!

Norwegian-American Robert Smith-Hald debuted to glittering reviews with the indie album "Innocence Said" in 2009 , frequent radio rotation and honorable place in the Norwegian music journalist Bård Ose’s book "The 100 best records from Bergen". Robert now follow this up with the explosive album "Thou mayest" recorded at 16 Ton Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. The album is in the Americana genre (Folk Rock).


Norwegian-American Robert Smith-Hald is ready with his second album ”Thou Mayest”

”There’s a black wind blowing, and it’s haunting you so bad…”

The title song is inspired by John Steinbeck’s epic novel ”East of Eden”, a partly autobigraphical novel that also deals with Steinbeck’s relationship to God and faith, the human ability to distinguish between good and bad, and the choices one makes in life and how it shapes you. ”There’s a black wind blowing, and it’s haunting you so bad…” (Thou mayest)
”That’s the best opening line I ever heard man. Man I wish i had written that!” – Reese Wynans (Double Trouble) from the recording in Nashville.

Legendary rock studio

”Thou mayest” was recorded in the legendary rock studio 16 Ton in the music capital Nashville. Grammy nominated Erick Jaskowiak and Spellemann award winning Orbo are producers. They were joined by John Prine’s drummer Paul Griffith, Taylor Swift’s bassist Tim Marks, Fats Kaplin on fiddle, and the legend Reese Wynans (Double Trouble, Steve Ray Vaughan) on hammond B3 and piano. The fact is that ”Thou mayest” was recorded in extraordinary surroundings with extraordinary people. Nashville and the city’s talented musicians made it an exceptional album.
”The best music experience I ever had” – Robert Smith-Hald.

Angela Primm |Erick Jaskowiak |Fats Kaplin |Gale Mayes |Ine Tumyr |Lisa Torres |ORBO Ole Reinert Berg-Olsen |Paul Griffith |Reese Wynans |Robert Smith-Hald |Stephanie Lambring |Tim Marks |Vegard Henanger

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