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Over the Piano – American Cabaret Songs – Tora Augestad

ARNOLD WEINSTEIN, WILLIAM BOLCOM: Angels Are The Highest Form Of Virtue · Blue · Can't sleep · Over The Piano · Fur · He Tipped The Waiter · Waitin · Song Of Black Max · Amor · Places To Live · Toothbrush Time · Surprise! · The Actor ·more… Oh Close The Curtain · George · IRA GERSHWIN, KURT WEILL: Saga Of Jenny · JAMES JOYCE, SAMUEL BARBER: Solitary Hotel · STEPHEN SONDHEIM: Little Things · Losing My Mind

Tora Augestad, vocal · Ivar Anton Waagaard, piano

Cabaret songs in constant change.

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Over the piano: American Cabaret Songs

This album is all about cabaret music, not least about the well known songs by Stephen Sondheim and Kurt Weill. Ivar Anton Waagaard and Tora Augestad have played together for nearly 10 years. Starting off with a repertoire of classical music, they soon found a common love for cabaret songs. This recording is documentation for their admiration and fascination for this material. – Cabaret songs are in a state of constant change, and are therefore hard to capture. Balancing between popular and classical music, between stage and bar, the cabaret song has always tried to tell stories of its present time. Through irony and honesty, glamour and vigour, cabaret songs offer artistic fragments and moments. In these songs you will hopefully find the favour, feeling, mood and magic of the cabaret. It is our hope that listeners will enjoy this fascinating and diverse musical landscape, says Tora Augestad.

Arnold Weinstein |Audun Strype |Ira Gershwin |Ivar Anton Waagaard |James Joyce |Kurt Weill |Samuel Barber |Stephen Sondheim |Tora Augestad |William Bolcom

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