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Kjente Jeg Deg – Amund Maarud

AMUND MAARUD, KIM EDWARD BERGSETH: Kjente jeg deg · Regn · Tre toner · Piggtrådvinter · Huset og hendene · Konjunktur · Symaskinen · Landskap med gravemaskiner · Mr. Chamberlains juletre · Stillheten efterpå · Dine tanker, det du gjordemore… · Lyktestolpen med instrumental · Syrin · Ildfluene · Guds hjerte · Heia regnbuen!

Toralv Maurstad · Wenche Medbøe · Amund Maarud

So that the younger audience too may discover the modernist poet Rolf Jacobsen.

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«Kjente jeg deg?»

When Wenche Medbøe was heading home to Oslo, immersed by Rolf Jacobsen’s wonderful «poem universe» after the ‘Rolf Jacobsen Dagene’ 2013 in Hamar – the idea of creating something more; maybe move the poet and his life up on a theater stage? With instructor Liv Borg Thorsen, actor Toralv Marurstad , Rolf Jacobsens venner, and an exciting partnership with the composers and songwriters Amund Maarud and Kim Edward Bergseth – the play and this album became a reality. Composer and music producer Kim Edward Bergseth has produced the album wich contains poems and songs from the play. Multi-instrumentalist Amund Maarud puts an edge to this procject with his unique guitar playing and voice – and in that way, this also caters to the younger audience – : So that they too can discover the modernist poet Rolf Jacobsen.

Amund Maarud |Henrik Maarud |Kim Edward Bergseth |Toralv Maurstad |Wenche Medbøe

Release date: 10.10.2014

EAN : 7033662044719

Cat.No.: GRCD4471

Priskategori : CD