Ilden i mitt hjerte – En musikalsk hyllest til Jens Bjørneboe – En musikalsk hyllest til Jens Bjørneboe

ARILD FREDRIKSEN, JENS BJØRNEBOE: Olje, brød og vin · Spansk vuggevise · Mea maxima culpa · Vise om byen Hiroshima · Mitt hjerte · Blomster for genet · Ved Brendan Behans båre · Lasarettsangen · Sangen om kjødet og ånden · Vinter ·more… Chanson om Verdun · Rosa-sangen · Dødssangen · Besøk

Arild Fredriksen, Hilde Hefte, Miguel Emilio D. Steinsland, Jo van der Eynden og Olivenensemblet

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Genre: Kabaretviser

Ilden i mitt hjerte – A musical tribute to Jens Bjørneboe

«Ilden i mitt hjerte» (The fire in my heart), is a musical tribute to Jens Bjørneboe on the occasion that this year it’s 100 year since the author was born in Kristiansand, Norway.

All music is composed and arranged by Arild Fredriksen, who has worked on setting tones to lyrics by Bjørneboe since the 70s, both in theater and concert contexts.

The three singers, Hilde Hefte, Miguel Emilio D. Steinsland and Arild Fredriksen, contribute to a variation in the expression that strengthens the overall impression. On some tracks, the author Jo van der Eynden also contributes with recitation, which further expands the expression on this album.

The 14 texts that have been included in this collection are taken both from Bjørneboe’s plays (“Fugleelskerne” and “Til lykke med dagen”), and from the author’s collections of poems. The musical ensemble with guitar / bouzouki, violin, accordion, bass and drums / percussion adds a touch of Mediterranean atmosphere to the lyrics, while at the same time linking them to a more dramatic cabaret tradition.

Hilde Hefte |Sigbjørn Nedland

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