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Anne-Marie Giørtz: På egne vegne – Anne-Marie Giørtz

Liten grå dame i fiolett (m: Anne-Marie Giørtz/l: Astrid Hjertenæs Andersen) · Sonett 57 (m: Guttorm Guttormsen/l: William Shakespeare/trans.: Hartvig Kiran) · Sonett 8 (m: Anne-Marie Giørtz/l: William Shakespeare/trans.: Hartvig Kiran) ·more… Hemma hos (m: Anne-Marie Giørtz/l: Bodil Malmsten) · Sonett I (m: Anne-Marie Giørtz/l: William Shakespeare/trans.: Hartvig Kiran) · Kafé (m: Anne-Marie Giørtz/l: Aksel Sandemose) · Norge (m: Anne-Marie Giørtz/l: Aksel Sandemose) · Markusevangeliet (m: Anne-Marie Giørtz/l: Unni Lindell) · Sonett 73 (m: Anne-Marie Giørtz/l: William Shakespeare/trans.: Hartvig Kiran) · Stormen (m: Anne-Marie Giørtz/l: Dagny Juel) · Sonett 71 (m: Anne-Marie Giørtz/l: William Shakespeare/trans.: Hartvig Kiran) · Hva føler du nå? (m: Anne-Marie Giørtz/l: Unni Lindell) · Ikke for nær (m: Anne-Marie Giørtz/l: Egil Ulateig)

Anne-Marie Giørtz: vocal, logdrum, percussion · Eivind Aarset: guitars, banjo, bass, logdrum, electronics, claps · Peter Baden: drums, percussion, marimba, electronics, eggslicer, mbira, autoharp, hubcap, stomp, claps, synth, champagne cooler · Anders Engen: percussion (Hemma hos, Liten grå dame i fiolett), bass, marimba (Liten grå dame i fiolett) · Nina Andreasen: voice (Liten grå dame i fiolett) · Kristin Kajander: voice (Liten grå dame i fiolett) · Kasper Tranberg: voice (Kafé)

With the album «På egne veier», Anne-Marie Giørtz presents her strongest and most beautiful and personal album to date.

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Musical poetry

With musical interpretations of Norwegian and English poetry, «På egne veier» is undoubtedly strongest album through the long and varied career of Anne-Marie Giørtz.

Anne-Marie Giørtz has participated on a number of jazz festivals both in Norway and abroad, toured all of Scandinavia, teached singing at a number of educational institutions at home and performed more that two hundred shows. On the album «På egne veier», Giørtz has collected texts she has a close relationship with – everything from five of Shakespeare´s sonets in Norwegian translations, to poems by writers such as Astrid Hjertenæs Andersen, Bodil Malmsten, Aksel Sandemose, Unni Lindell and Dagny Juel. Accompanying her is husband and guitarist Eivind Aarset, who has previously collaborated with artists such as Nils Petter Molvær, Arild Andersen and Ketil Bjørnstad, as well as drummer Peter Baden, who has worked with artists such as Mari Boine and Hanne Hukkelberg. Together, they have created a catchy and groovy album, forefronted by the beautiful and shining voice og Anne-Marie Giørtz.

«På egne veier» was rightfully a huge critical success, and for Norwegian Dagsavisen-journalist Roar Helgheim, it was undoubtedly her strongest and most beautiful and personal album throughout her career.

Anne-Marie Giørtz |Eivind Aarset

Release date: 08.06.2009

EAN : 7033662042948

Cat.No.: GRCD4296

Priskategori : CD