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Bless us all – Songs of Mickey Newbury – Paal Flaata

GØRAN GRINI, PAAL FLAATA: Newbury's Voice · For Milton Sims · MICKEY NEWBURY: Write A Song A Song · Remember The Good · Poison Red Berries · The Future's Not What It Used To Be · Bless Us All · Good Morning Dear · I Come To Hear The Musicmore… · An American Trilogy

Paal Flaata · Gøran Grini · Mari Persen · Paul Inge Vikingstad · Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen · Jørn Raknes · Christian Skaugen · Petter Marius Gundersen · Bendik Brænne · Lise Sørensen Voldsdal · Glenn Vidar Solheim · Hege Brynhildsen · Lars Ivar Borg · Øystein Frantzvåg · Hans Foyn Friis · Bård Ingebrigtsen

“Bless us all – Songs of Mickey Newbury” is a sequel to the critically acclaimed “Wait By The Fire – Songs of Chip Tyler”

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Paal Flaata – Bless Us All, songs of Mickey Newbury The talented artist Paal Flaata takes his way forward with five solo albums behind him since he started as a solo artist in 2001. Now he is ready to serve new amounts of quality music that he has interpreted from the American singer / songwriter Mickey Newbury. "Bless us all – Songs of Mickey Newbury" is a sequel to the critically acclaimed and «Spellemannpris» nominated "Wait By The Fire – Songs of Chip Tyler", while the music is largely a result of two decades of in-depth studies of Newbury music from Flaata’s side. Flaata cooperate once again closely with his pianist, Gøran Grini, who is also the album’s producer.

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