We Know Not Where the Dragons Fly – Ginnungagap Choir

Mattias Sköld: We Know Not Where the Dragons Fly · Ai · Torbjørn Dyrud: Lovesongs I-III · Martin Palsmar: O sacrum convivium · Færøsk forår · 4 songs to texts by I.Pmore…. Jacobsen

Ginnungagap Choir

Three young and highly individual voices of today bring the choir music of tomorrow, performed by the Ginnungagap Choir.

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Young, bold and beautiful

The Chinese poet Lui Ji (1311 – 1375) describes how dragons fly above the skies bringing thunder and rain – and poses the question ‘where do the dragons fly after the thunder?’ Sense of adventure and excitement is a key feature of this new release from the Ginnungagap choir with premiere recordings of new Scandinavian repertoire.

Since it’s foundation in 1998 the Ginnungagap (from Old Norse: Gine = the void before the world was created.) has made an effort to find new and exiting music for choir. The first release Cor (PPC 9042/2001) proved them successful, and with this new release the choristers (all between 20 and 30 years old) have brought forth new and unknown Nordic composers. The level of the singers and the ensemble as a whole is astonishing. Ginnungagap is frequently used by the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra as well as the Norwegian Broadcasting for both radio and TV. They perform in venues ranging from pubs to cathedrals, and have won several international prizes.

Torbjørn Dyrud (Norwegian and former musical leader of the choir), Martin Palsmar (Denmark) and Mattias Sköld (Sweden) have written the music for this CD. The three composers a have special affinity for choir music and are at the very outset of their careers. Three young and highly individual voices of today bring the choir music of tomorrow.

Ginnungagap Choir |Torbjørn Dyrud |Tore Simonsen

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