Ti bud i sanger av Petter Dass – Barokk Boreal

M: Traditional / Arr: Barokk Boreal, L; Petter Dass: Første Bud (1st commandment / 1er commandement) · Andet Bud (2nd commandment / 2nd commandement) · Tredie Bud (3rd commandment / 3ème commandement) · Fierde Bud (4th commandment / 4èmemore… commandement) · Femte Bud (5th commandment / 5ème commandement · Siette Bud (6th commandment / 6ème commandement) · Siuvinde Bud (7th commandment / 7ème commandement) · Ottende Bud (8th commandment / 8ème commandement) · Niende Bud (9th commandment / 9ème commandement) · Tiende Bud (10th commandment / 10ème commandement)

Cathrine Bothner-By, Øyonn Groven Myhren, Vegar Vårdal, Ulrik Gaston Larsen

Barokk Boreal; The ten commandments in songs by Petter Dass

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Barokk Boreal – Petter Dass’ ten songs about the ten commandments

The quartet Barokk Boreal conveys Norwegian cultural heritage in musical form, with songs by Norwegian 15th century poets as their main focus. During that time there was an artistic breakthrough in song craftsmanship, from exploring peculiar bass lines to creating songs with improvisation and great contrasts.

On their debut record, Ti bud i sanger av Petter Dass (The ten commandments in songs by Petter Dass), Barokk Boreal has found the melodies Dass himself chose for his works. These melodies have been decoded by looking at letters with his handwriting, with the oldest dating back to 1698, and is truly an extraordinary listening experience.

Barokk Boreal is:

Cathrine Bothner-By (vocals), Øyoon Groven Myhren (vocals), Vegar Vårdal (harding fiddle, fiddle and viola), Ulrik Gaston Larsen (baroque guitar)

Barokk Boreal

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