Riefling plays Bach – Robert Riefling

Johann Sebastian Bach: French Suite no.5 BWV 816; Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue BWV 903; English Suite no.3 BWV 808; Prelude to Cantatamore… 29

Robert Riefling, piano

With countless concerts laid behind him in a 65 year long career, the legendary pianist Robert Riefling finally shares some of his musical treasures with listeneres all over the world.

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Genre: Piano

Highly personal interpretations of Bach

To perform and record Bach´s works is no easy task. However, in the myriad of recordings of Bach´s compositions, the award-winning pianist Robert Riefling still manages to stand out. Throughout a concert career spanning 65 years, these works are firmly rooted in his entire musical being. His playing is characterized by a flawless technique, a strong personal dedication and a never-failing musical insight. He has marked himself as one of Scandinavia´s foremost performers through countless concerts over the world, and has recorded closer to 60 albums. On “Robert Riefling interprets Bach”, the pianist shares several of his treasures with listeners all over the world. His interpretations of the “English Suite, no. 3”, the “French suite, no. 5”, “Sarabande” and “Gigue”, “Sinfonia to Cantata” and “Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue” is unsurpassed and undoubtedly of world-class standards!

Arne Peter Rognan |Johann Sebastian Bach |Robert Riefling

Release date: 08.10.1992

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