Remembrance – Elg

Geirr Tveitt:Vél komne med æra, op.150 · Gabriel Fauré: Mai , op.1, no.2 · William Roy: This Little Rose · Roger Quilter: Now Sleeps the Crimson petal op.3, no.2 · Loves Philosophi op.3, no.1 · Franz Schubert: Du bis die Ruh op.59, no.3 ·more… Charles Ives: Remembrance from 'Twelve Songs' (1921) · Alban Berg: Die Nachtigall from 'Sieben frühe Lieder' · Samuel Barber: Sure on this Shining Night op.13, no.2 · Benjamin Britten: The Salley Gardens (Irish folksong) · Richard Strauss: Zueignung op.10, no.5 · Gustav Holst: Ushas (Dawn) from 'Vedic Hymns' op.24, no.1 · Franz Schubert: Litaney, nachlass Lfg.10 · Georg Friedrich Händel: Caconne in G major, HWV 435, variations 9-16 · Henry Purcell: Dido's Farewell from 'Dido and Aeneas'

Elg, vocal · Grete Helle Rasmussen, piano · Swedish Chamber Orchestra Örebro · Helge Sunde, arrangements

Dance With a Stranger´s Elg gets together with pianist Grete Helle Rasmussen and composer and trombonist Helge Havsgård Sunde to explore a musical no man´s land.

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The powefull voice of Elg visits the classical song treasures

A simple nine-bar tune by Charles Ives has lent his name to this album, “Remembrance”, a collaborative project between the initiator and pianist Grete Helle Rasmussen, composer and trombonist Helge Havsgård Sunde and the legendary Norwegian rock vocalist Elg. Elg has for more than ten years been the very voice of Norwegian rock. He has at every performance made it obvious, that there is no one equal and certainly no one his superior in intensity of expression, in communication of and identification with his material. Firmly gazing, raising his forefinger and prompting us to pay close attention, he makes the rock´n´roll arena as well as the classical stage his own, undisputed domain.

Elg could have stayed with Dance With a Stranger, that most powerful Norwegian rock ensemble. Helge and Grete could have been content with the refined artfulness of their academical garden. But the major part of this trio´s talent is curiosity. So they simply had to erode the barriers between their respective genres to meet in a musical no man´s land – no road signs there. Together, they picked up, lovingly, some dozen tunes, Purcell, Schubert, Quilter, Fauré, Strauss, Ives, Barber, Britten, Berg, Tveitt, some dozen hazy little stones among the beach wreckage, a string of amber memories for our remembrance.

Alban Berg |Benjamin Britten |Charles Ives |Elg |Franz Schubert |Gabriel Fauré |Geirr Tveitt |Georg Friedrich Händel |Grete Helle Rasmussen |Gustav Holst |Helge Sunde |Henry Purcell |Ole Edvard Antonsen |Richard Strauss |Samuel Barber |Swedish Chamber Orchestra Örebro

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