P.D. Philidor: Suites for Flute and Basso Continuo – Hans Olav Gorset

PIERRE DANICAN PHILIDOR: Cinquiéme Suitte · Dixiéme Suitte · Sixiéme Suitte · Neufiéme Suitte · Quatriéme Suitte · Douxiéme Suittemore… ·

Hans Olav Gorset, traverso · Rolf Lislevand, theorbe and baroque guitar · Paolo Pandolfo, viola da gamba

Hans Olav Gorset, Rolf Lislevand og Paolo Pandolfo performs music from the Sun King´s era.

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Music for the Sun King.

Pierre Danican Philidor (1681-1731) was born into a family with long musical traditions. One could reasonably say that the Philidors, together with the Hotteterre family, nearly dominated the musical institutions of the «Sun King» Louis XIV. On this album the well recognized musicians Hans Olav Gorset, Rolf Lislevand and Paolo Pandolfo, performs several of Pierre Danican Philidor´s compositions. The music on this recording is selected from his «Premier ævre» (1717), «Deuxiéme ævre» (1718) and «Troisiéme ævre» (1718), all printed in Paris. These three collections consist of duets for two flutes and suites for a treble instrument and basso continuo.

Hans Olav Gorset is a veteran of the early music movement in Norway, and has besides a career as a soloist and as a member of various ensembles also made his own instruments and host early music programs for the Norwegian Broadcasting. Rolf Lislevand is one of the leading lutenists of his generation with several solo releases behind him released to glowing reviews. Paolo Pandolfo is one of the world´s foremost gamba players. He directs his own ensemble, Labyrinto, ans is well known for his recordings of Tobias Hume, J.S. Bach and Antoine Forqueray.

Hans Olav Gorset |Jørn Pedersen |Paolo Pandolfo |Pierre Danican Philidor |Rolf Lislevand

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