Norw Contemporary Music for Bassoon – Robert Rønnes

Wolfgang Plagge: Sonata for basson and piano, op.43; Johan Kvandal: Legende op.61b; Terje Bjørn Lerstad: Sonata for basson and piano, no.2, op.192; Gunnar Sønstevold: Sonatina for basson and piano; Antonio Bibalo: Sonata for basson and pianomore…; Harald Sæverud: Høst (Autumn) for basson and piano

Robert Rønnes, bassoon · Eva Knardahl, piano

Together, Rønnes and Knardahl expertly performs their way through a range of beautiful works for the contemporary bassoon.

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A celebration of the contemporary Norwegian bassoon

Bassoonist Robert Rønnes teams up with the experienced pianist Eva Knardahl to perform works for the contemporary bassoon. Containing works by such notable composers as Wolfgang Plagge, Terje Bjørn Lerstad, Gunnar Sønstevold, Johan Kvandal, Harald Sæverud and Antonio Bibalo, Robert Rønnes, a renowned performer of chamber music and advocate of Norwegian contemporary music, sheds light on a beautiful repertoire rarely heard. Not only that, this album also sheds light on the importance of Rønnes himself, as all of the works on the album are written especially for him, underlining his impact on Norwegian musical life. Together, Rønnes and Knardahl performs their way through a range of works in a more classical tradition to works heavily characterised by modern tonality, complex rhytmics, colourful instrumentation and late romanticism almost toppling over in atonal expressionism.

Antonio Bibalo |Arne Akselberg |Eva Knardahl |Gunnar Sønstevold |Harald Sæverud |Johan Kvandal |Robert Rønnes |Terje Bjørn Lerstad |Wolfgang Plagge

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