Mozart: Piano Sonatas vol. 3 – Liv Glaser

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sonatas for piano no.7 in C, K 309 · no.8 in A minor, K 310 · no.9 in D, K 311 · no.10 in C, more…K 330

Liv Glaser, fortepiano

Liv Glaser proclaims her love for the pianoforte in her fantastic recordings of Mozart´s "travel" sonatas.

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Genre: Early music

Mozart´s "travel" sonatas

In 1777-78 Mozart set out on a journey from Mannheim to Paris accompanied by his mother, hoping to secure an engagement at one of the courts. The trip though turned out to be a fateful one; starting happily in an atmosphere of hope and infatuation, it ended in a world of despair and grief, by the death of his mother. Mozart´s trip may be traced through the music he composed during his travels: from the seventh sonata´s (K 309) portrait of Rosa, the daughter of the violinist Christian Cannabich, whom Mozart gave lessons to during his stay in Mannheim, or the obvious reflection of Mozart´s state of mind caused by the death of his mother in the violent dramatic and dark eight sonata´s (K 310) first movement.

On this album, the extraordinary pianist Liv Glaser delves deeper into Mozart´s musical world after several highly successful recordings of the composer´s music. Mozart´s pianistical style is closely connected to the instrument of his time, the fortepiano, and a great deal of the character in his music is reduced or transformed in the process of trying to “translate” his music to the modern piano. So therefore Liv Glaser takes a plunge and proclaim her love for the fortepiano on this album in the mentioned works as well Mozart´s ninth and tenth sonatas (K 311, K 330).

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