Mendelssohn Piano Trios – Grieg Trio

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartoldy: Piano Trio no.1, D minor, op.49; Piano Trio no.2, C minormore…, op.68

Grieg Trio: Vebjørn Anvik, piano · Sølve Sigerland, violin · Ellen Margrete Flesjø, cello

– the most engaging performances I have ever heard of any chamber music. [Fanfare]

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Grieg Trio debut recording

The Grieg Trio was one of the great successes at the 1990 Interforum in Hungary. The Times wrote: “Oslo´s Grieg Trio should be snapped up at once… so authoritative is their command of idiom, so energetic and imaginative their playing that they are already sought after in Italy, France, Germany and Holland.” The Grieg Trio was established in 1987 and has performed all over Europe to great critical acclaim, and has won numerous awards throughout their career.

Both of Mendelssohn´s piano trios are performed by Grieg Trio on this album, the first being broad in its melodic treatment with a somewhat melancholic main subject, while the second one at once more serious and dignified. Mendelssohn is indeed a fine composer of chamber music. As one critic has noted: “Mendelssohn has helped lead many a music-lover from a lower to a higher plane of musical thought,” which is certainly understandable listening to the marvellous works here performed by the astonishing artistic skills of the Grieg Trio.

Felix Mendelssohn |Grieg Trio |Tony Harrison

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