Marin Marais: Music for Gamba – Ketil Haugsand

Marin Marais: Pièces de violes: Suite, E minor; Suite, B minor; Les Foliesmore… d'Espagne

Laurence Dreyfus, gambe · Ketil Haugsand, harpsichord

– A very accomplished duo and a very fine disc. [Fanfare]

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Marin Marais

The composer, performer and teacher Marin Marais (1656-1728) was a master of the basse de viol, and the leading French composer of music for the instrument. Marrais wrote five books of ‘Pièces de viole’ and the three works on the present recording are all found in Marais’s second book of viol pieces – a volume that includes some of his greatest music.

The interaction between Laurence Dreyfus & Ketil Haug Sand have already resulted in beautiful recordings of works by Bach and Rameau for Simax. This album is no exception – once again these two talented musicians delivers quality. Dreyfus plays a seven string viola da gamba in French style by Curtis Bryant of Watertown, Massachusetts on this recording. Ketil Haugsand plays on a 1985 Martin Skowroneck harpsichord.

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