Klaus Egge Piano Music – Torleif Torgersen

Klaus Egge: Piano Sonata no. 1, op .4 (Draumkvede Sonata) · Piano Sonata no .2, op. 27 (Patetica) · Phantasy in Halling, op.12a · Phantasy in Springar, op. 12c · Gukko-slåtten (Goat Horn Dance) · Valse Dolce, op. 1, no. 1 · Akvarell, op. 1more…, no. 2

Torleif Torgersen, piano

– This music presents a completely satisfying amalgamation of the diverse influences in Egge’s career….Norwegian pianist Torgersen makes a strong case for the probing, elegant, and often beautiful music of Klaus Egge. [Fanfare]

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The terrain between modernism and nordic

Klaus Egge (1906-79) apporached classic art music by way of folk music – and saw it as something exotic and singular. Thus he understood how the techniques of classic art music could assist him in developing the folk muisc which comprised his original musical identity. For Egge, the way in which the music was constructed was always an inherently more compelling imperative than folklore, which emphasized the essentially retrogressive aspects of folk music.

Erik Gard Amundsen |Klaus Egge |Torleif Torgersen

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