Guitar music of Antoine de L’Hoyer, vol 1 – Erik Stenstadvold

Antoine de Lhoyer: Trois Duos Concertans pour deux guitares, op.31; Fantaisie Concertante pour deux guitaresmore…, op.33

Martin Haug, guitar · Erik Stenstadvold, guitar

The best among Antoine de L’hoyer´s music for two guitars should be rated as genuine chamber music of the highest quality.

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Antoine de L’hoyer rescued from oblivion

Antoine de L’hoyer and his music is one of the most striking examples of how musically important figures have disappeared into oblivion; particularly strange considering he deserves to be recognized as one of the most important guitar composers of the 19th century. His music has hardly been played in our time, and the reference books contain at best only a few lines about him, maybe due to the often extreme technical demands his compositions require for the players.

On this album the duo Erik Stenstadvold and Martin Haug performs de L’hoyer´s music for two guitars, works that not only demands high technical proficiency from its performers, but also shows the composer´s full artistic stature. The best among them should be rated as genuine chamber music of the highest quality: they are clear in formal structure, melodically and rhythmically innovative, and with a rich harmonic variety. Stenstavold and Haug established their duo in 1989 with the aim of presenting original 19th century repertoire for two guitars. This album is their first recording as a duo.

Antoine de L’Hoyer |Brenda Blewett |Erik Stenstadvold |Martin Haug

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