Geirr Tveitt: 50 Folk Tunes from Hardanger – Geir Botnen

Geirr Tveitt: 50 Folk Tunes from Hardanger, op.150 (The original vocal tune + Tveitt's work formore… piano)

Geir Botnen, piano · Reidun Horvei, vocal

Geirr Tveitt´s treatment of the Hardanger folk tunes is masterly performed in both its original versions and Tveitt´s arrangements by Reidun Horvei and Geir Botnen.

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The originals alongside the adaptions

Of all the numerous and varied works by Geirr Tveitt, the settings of folk tunes from Hardanger stand apart. He was occupied with them for most of his life, and they won him a new audience which never progressed to his grandiose ballets and choral works inspired by Norse mythology. His “Fifty Folk Tunes from Hardanger” was compiled with a sound sense of variation in subject and expression. The scene changes with the course of life from the cradle to the grave in a flurry of pictures from nature and everyday life. Just listen to the light rhythm in “A-wooing” which draws a crystal-clear picture of the expectant young lad frolicking off to meet the girl he wishes to marry, the ingenious imitation of the wispy sound of the folk instrument in “Langeleik tune”, the sound of heavy bells tolling from an ancient church in “Stave Church lay”, or the effective ending to “Hardanger ale” in which the pianist eventually falls on to the keyboard under the influence of strong ale. The combination of the fifty pieces produces a work of unrivalled richness.

Performed by the experienced folk singer Reidun Horvei, an innovator and bridge builder within performing traditional Norwegian vocal music, and Geir Botnen, who previously has done successful recordings of works by both Grieg and Tveitt, this album gives the listener a unique glimpse into the fantastical works by Tveitt. Reidun Horvei has in fact tracked down the complete versions of forty of the folk songs on which Tveitt´s fifty pieces are based, and performs them side by side with Botnen´s remarkable renditions of Tveitt´s excellent treatment of the Hardanger folk tunes.

Arne Akselberg |Erik Gard Amundsen |Geir Botnen |Geirr Tveitt |Reidun Horvei |Trad.

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