Frühlingslied – Einar Steen-Nøkleberg

Halfdan Kjerulf: Skisse V in F major (Frühlingslied) (HK 49) · Razzia-Galop in B-flat major (HK 37) · Vuggevise in F-sharp major (Lullaby) (HK 84) · Allegro vivace in G major (HK 207) · Salon (Polka) in E-flat major (HK 96) · Idyl in A majormore… (HK 111) · Impromptu in F major (HK 98) · Scherzino in D major (HK 123) · Skizz III in E-flat major (HK 140) · Selected Norwegian Folk Dances and Tunes · Transcriptions of own songs · Scherzo in G minor (HK 48) · Berceuse in D-flat major (HK 173) · Caprice in D major (HK 174) · Menuet in A major (HK 176) · Etude in G major (HK 67) · Albumblad in G major (HK 60) · Elegie in g minor (HK 66) · Scherzo in E major (HK 109)

Einar Steen-Nøkleberg, piano

Was it, perhaps, with the works of Halfdan Kjerulf it all begun?

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Spring Song!

Simax Classics celebrates the coming of spring up here in the north by releasing selected piano pieces by Halfdan Kjerulf (1815-1868). The pieces are from the premiere recording of his complete music for piano, which is also now being released in a 3-CD box by Simax Classics.

Norwegian pianist Einar Steen-Nøkleberg is presenting these hidden gems and his interpretations and performance really does credit to the music of Kjerulf. He wrote his music at a time when the Norwegian national spirit was being cast, and from his urban dwellings in Oslo (then Christiania) he managed to bring in the elements of folk music which came to distinguish the young nation. And what was to come we all know, with Grieg, Svendsen, Halvorsen, Monrad Johansen and Tveitt. But was it, perhaps, with the works of Halfdan Kjerulf it all begun?

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