Flagstad Collection Vol 5: German Lieder, Norwegian Radio 1954

Johannes Brahms: Sind es Schmerzen · Ruhe, Süßliebchen · Wie froh und frisch · and others · Richard Strauss: Geduld · September · Nachtgang · and others · Robert Schumann: Aus den östlischen Rosen · Zum Schluß · Der Himmel hat ein emore… Träne geweint · Liebeslied · and others · Hugo Wolf: Gebet · Der Freund · Über Nacht · and others · Franz Schubert: Die junge Nonne · Ave Maria · Der Erlkönig · and others · Ludwig van Beethoven: Bitten · Vom Tode · Die Ehre Gottes aus der Natur · Wonne der Wehmut · and others

Kirsten Flagstad, soprano · Waldemar Alme, piano

The Voice of the Century, Vol. 5

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Kirsten Flagstad’s German Lieder, Norwegian Radio 1954

In the course of her 40 year long singing career, Kirsten Flagstad sang roles in over eighty operas and operettas spread over more than 2100 performances. She sang in two hundred and fifty orchestral concerts and gave over six hundred recitals. She also left a legacy of more than nine hundred recordings.

In this five-box set Simax Classics is proud to present the most important of these recordings, in a selection made by Arne Dørumsgaard, himself a composer, singer and record collector, in addition of having been a close friend of Madame Flagstad of the post-war years.

Franz Schubert |Hugo Wolf |Johannes Brahms |Kirsten Flagstad |Ludwig van Beethoven |Richard Strauss |Robert Schumann |Tore Simonsen |Waldemar Alme

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