Female Fates and Fortunes – Randi Stene

Edvard Grieg: Haugtussa, op.67 · Peter Heise: Gudruns sorg; Solveigs sange · Wilhelm Peterson-Berger: Marits visor · Hugo Alfvén: Marias songermore…, op.21

Burkhard Kehring, piano · Stene Randi, mezzo soprano

– Randi Stene’s engaging recital serves as a showcase for Nordic song as much as for her own attractive and flexible mezzo voice. [Gramophone]

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Nordic fates interpreted by Randi Stene

The Nordic women, as they are portrayed in literature, can often be interpreted symbolically. Solveig, for example, represents boundless love and patience. In the Norse sagas, the idealised female characters are both strong and independent. In H. G. Møller´s translation of the Elder or Poetic Edda we discover that Gudrun “neither sat crying nor wringing her hands / nor did she sob like other women.” On the album “Female Fates and Fortunes”, the mezzosoprano Randi Stene performs, with pianist Burkhard Kehring, several songs where these women´s lives and fates are interpreted musically: from Edvard Grieg´s musical adaption of Arne Garborg´s “Haugtussa”, a poem about Veslemøy´s simple life at Jæren, the first signs of her infatuation and later her grief at being rejected, to Wilhelm Peterson-Berger´s “Marit´s Songs”, Hugo Alfvén´s “Maria´s Songs” and Peter Heise´s “Gudrun´s Sorrow” and “Solveig´s Songs from Peer Gynt”.

Burkhard Kehring |Edvard Grieg |Hugo Alfvén |Peter Heise |Randi Stene |Robert Suff |Wilhelm Peterson-Berger

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