Edith Thallaug Recital – Edith Thallaug

Manuel de Falla: Siete Canciones populares Españnolas; Xavier Montsalvatge: Cinco Canciones Negras (1946); Antonin Dvorak: Ciganske melodie, Seven Gipsy Melodies, op.55; Maurice Ravel: Trios Chansons Madécassemore… (1926)

Edith Thallaug, soprano · Torkil Bye, flute · Eva Knardahl, piano · Aage Kvalbein, cello

The phenomenal Edith Thallaug presents an extraordinary recording of folk-inspired classical music of various origins.

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Genre: Chamber Music

Folklore of different origins

Folklore of different origins is a common feature of the songs performed by the phenomenal Edith Thallaug on this record. The sources of inspiration – words as well as music – are quite distant in relation to each other: Spain (de Falla), The West Indies (Montsalvatge), Czechoslovakia (Dvorak) and Madagascar (Ravel). In many respects, Manuel de Falla appears on the international scene as the embodiment of Spanish music. A tonal feeling, rooted in the intense flamenco style of his home district of Andalusia, moves like a leitmotif through his otherwise European-based tonal language, which largely derived nourishment from French Impressionism and Neo-Classicism. In the compositions by the Catalan Xavier Montsalvatge, it is also possible to trace the influence of Spanish folklore. The so-called “West Indian works” comprise an important group in Montsalvatge´s production, being created in a mixed, West Indian style, with a basis in Spanish music. Antonin Dvorak´s “Seven Gypsy Melodies” is generally regarded as his most successful work, being more closely related to Czechoslovakian music than original Gypsy music. Based on translations of Madagascan folk poetry, Maurice Ravel´s “Trois chansons madécasses” is both an original and exciting work fitting into the composer´s fascination for exotic and foreign impulses.

Edith Thallaug had her breakthrough as a singer in Sweden, where she was a sensation as Carmen, Venus in “Tannhäuser” and Suzuki in “Madame Butterfly”. However, it is just not the classics she is successful in: she is equally extraordinary in the greatest mezzo parts in Italian opera as she is in main parts in demanding modern operas. With her large repertoire, she is sought after by the great international festivals, winning special acclaim all over the world. She has been honoured with a number awards and became the first non-Swedish singer to be honoured with the title of court singer. On this album Thallaug is accompanied by the renowned instrumentalists Eva Knardahl, Torkil Bye and Aage Kvalbein.

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