Contemporary Music for Brass & Piano – Arctic Brass

Olav Berg: Brass Quintet; Wolfgang Plagge: Canzona op. 53; Alexander Arutiunian: Brass Quintet (Armenian Scenes) (1984); Charles Ives: Four Songs for Brass Quintet: On the counter; The Slide Show, Slow March; Tarrant Moss, (transcribed for Brassmore… Quintet by Kenneth Singleton); Mogens Andresen: 3 Norwegian Dances (1990)

Arctic Brass · Wolfgang Plagge, piano · Einar Fjærvoll, percussion

Arctic Brass moves through a varied musical landscape with their recordings by Paul Hindemith, Alexander Arutunian, Wolfgang Plagge, Olav Berg, Charles Ives og Mogens Andresen.

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Arctic brass

Performed by the ensemble Arctic Brass, this album opens with Paul Hindemith´s “Morgenmusik”, a typical example of the composer´s Sing- und Spielmusik, closely related to the town musicians´ “tower music” of the 17th century – a fresh and unspoilt piece of morning music. Alexander Arutunian´s “Armenian Scenes” has rapidly become a standard work for brass ensembles all over the world. With a traditional Armenian tone language, the work continually surprises us with its ingenuity and sense of humour. Supplemented by tambourine and Armenian drum, performed by Einar Fjærvoll, the work´s exotic character is highlighted. The Norwegian composer and pianist Wolfgang Plagge is also a guest musician on the album, on his own piece “Canzona”, a one-movement work with clearly contrasting sections, formally linked to 17th century canzonas. Furthermore, Arctic Brass also performs Olav Berg´s “Brass Quintet”, a work filled bold harmonies and chromatic melodies that demands a real mastery of the instrument, Charles Ives´ “Four Songs”, bringing us into a more humorous musical sphere with arrangements by Kenneth Singleton, and Mogens Andresen´s “Three Norwegian Dances for Brass”, which includes the popular Norwegian melody “Per Spelmann” in addition to a Rhinelander and a Røros rustic dance.

Alexander Arutiunian |Arctic Brass |Charles Ives |Olav Berg |Paul Hindemith |Tony Harrison |Wolfgang Plagge

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