Classical Accordion – Geir Draugsvoll

Arne Nordheim: Flashing (1986) · Igor Stravinsky: Petrouchka Suite · Vagn Holmboe: Sonata, op. 143a (1979) · Bernt Lorentzen: Tears (1979) · Staffan Mossenmark: Skogsväsen / Wood Spirit · Yuji Takahashi: Like a Water-Buffalo · Svend Aaquistmore…: Saga Night · W.A. Motzart: Andante KC 616

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On “Classical Accordion” Geir Draugsvoll moves neatly between varied works by composers such as Mozart, Stravinsky and Nordheim.

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Accordion moods

Geir Draugsvoll is one of the virtuosos of the classical accordion and has for a long time been a leading name at an international level. On “Classical Accordion” he moves neatly between varied works by composers such as Mozart, Stravinsky and Nordheim, to mention but a few. Here one finds everything from the neo-classical, such as in Vagn Holmboe´s sonata, the profoundly emotional, such as in Bent Lorentzen´s “Tears”, one of the most important works in the classical accordion literature, Arne Nordheim´s “Flashing”, or the purely classical in Mozart´s “Andante”. Furthermore, Draugsvoll evokes the Japanese symbolic world in Yuji Takahashi´s “Like a Water-Buffalo”, Nordic creatures of the woods in Staffan Mossenmark´s “Skogsväsen”, and the ancient Norse sagas in Svend Aaquist´s “Saga Night”. Together with instrumental colleague James Crabb, the other half of The Classical Accordion Duo, we are also treated with an impressive suite from Stravinsky´s “Petrouchka” – arranged by Draugsvoll and Crabb themselves.

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