Brahms String Quartets op. 51 – Vertavo

JOHANNES BRAHMS: String Quartet in C Minor · String Quartet in more…A Minor

Vertavo : Øyvor Volle, violin · Berit Værnes, violin · Henninge Båtnes, viola · Berit Værnes, cello

On their third album, the Vertavo String Quartet reaches new heights of beauty in their performance of Brahms´ wonderful string quartets.

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The beauty of Brahms´ string quartets.

On the Vertavo String Quartet´s third album, two of Johannes Brahms wonderful string quartets are masterfully performed. The quartet which comprise Berit Værnes Cardas (violin), Øyvor Volle (violin), Henninge Båtnes Landaas (viola) and Bjørg Værnes (cello), has throughout their career been known as one of Europe´s leading string quartets. The groups popularity indeed stretches far beyond the borders of Europe, and they have brought home several international prizes. The beautiful performance of Brahms´ string quartets are indeed one of the highlights of the Vertavo String Quartet´s career.

Brahms String Quartet in c-minor (op. 51, no. 1) is both rigid and Beethovian in its form. From the stormfull and dark first movement to the quiet and withdrawn third movement, the quartet is thematic to the smallest detail: not a single note is superfluous and every part of the score are adorned with the main motive. The String Quartet in a-minor (op. 51, no. 2) was performed for the first time in October of 1873. Although this quartet essentially draws close to darker moods, the light and the elegant comes to the fore in the first movement´s transition, the beautiful and dramatic in the near otherworldy calm second movement, and the wonderful and robust in the quartet´s third and final movement.

Johannes Brahms |Jørn Pedersen |Vertavo

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