Brahms Piano Trios Nos. 1 & 2 – Grieg Trio

Johannes Brahms: Piano Trios Nos. 1, op. 8 · no.2, opmore…. 87

Grieg Trio: Vebjørn Anvik, piano · Sølve Sigerland, violin · Ellen Margrete Flesjø, cello

– Eine Aufnahme, die wirklich Maßstäbe setzt. [Fono Forum]

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Genre: Chamber Music

Grieg Trio and Johannes Brahms´ piano trios

The award-winning Grieg Trio is “everything one wants from a trio: precise, balanced, beautifully nuanced and shaped in a way that lets a listener see into the music rather than through it.” So wrote The New York Times about Grieg Trio after one of their concerts in the US, a description that just as easily could fit this recording. The trio´s interpretations of Johannes Brahms´ piano trios are of high standards and equally astonishing as their previous recording of Mendelssohn´s piano trios (PSC1069).

Unlike many other composers, Brahms did not bequeath to future generations of musicologists sketchbooks full of unfinished works and discarded attempts at published ones. It is therefore unusual for him to have left them two versions of his first piano trio. The revised version of Brahms´ Piano Trio no. 1, B major, is masterfully performed here by the Grieg Trio – a work Clara Schumann once described as “a complete success”. Clara Schumann was equally impressed with Brahms´ second piano trio in C major, describing it as “a great musical treat”. From the shadowy, chromatic subjects of the first movement, via the melancholic second and mysterious third movements, to the amusing finale, Grieg Trio´s rendition of this work is no less startling

Grieg Trio |Johannes Brahms |Tony Harrison

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