Brahms Complete Organ Works – Kåre Nordstoga

Johannes Brahms: Chorale Preludes andmore… Fugues

Kåre Nordstoga, the Ryde & Berg organ in Oslo Cathedral

Kåre Nordstoga performs the organ works of Johannes Brahms – works of superior quality.

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Brahms´ organ music

Johannes Brahm´organ repertoire is far from extensive. Those works which do exist are, however, of a superior quality and bear witness to the fact that the composer was highly gifted at recognising and bringing forth the true substance of the organ and had a talent for immersing himself in the idioms of classical organ music and adapting these to suit his own personal style. The experienced organist Kåre Nordstoga performs Brahms´ preludes and fugues on the Ryde & Berg organ of Oslo Cathedral, deep-felt works that evokes both mourning and joyful feelings in the listener.

Arne Akselberg |Johannes Brahms |Kåre Nordstoga

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