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Water Fabric – Espen Berg

1 Sun Glacier 06:28
2 Circumzenithal 06:16
3 1914 11:30
4 Hydrophobic 05:31
5 Acres of Dew 06:24
6 Duelling Rivers 06:25
7 Triple Point Suite 17:46

Espen Berg, piano og komposisjoner Harpreet Bansal, fiolin Hayden Powell, trompet og flügelhorn Ellie Mäkelä, bratsj Per Oddvar Johansen, trommer Joakim Munkner, cello

Espen Berg with a beautiful and boundary-breaking new album, Water Fabric

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Espen Bergs presents a beautiful an boundary-breaking new album.


With nine exceptionally strong trio and solo albums Espen Berg (40) has become one of the most central and tone-setting Norwegian jazz musicians today. November 24 marks the release of his new album Water Fabric on Odin Records, which shows completely new sides of Espen as a composer. He has put together a hand-picked ensemble consisting of six high-profile Norwegian musicians with a background in jazz, classical, Norwegian folk music and Indian classical music. This composition reflects Espen’s ability to make any musical expression his
own, and with Water Fabric he has created a melodious, boundary-breaking, and breathtaking work that both oozes with the joy of playing and also shows a deep respect for musical traditions and craftsmanship.

Water Fabric was originally commissioned by Jazzfest Trondheim in 2020, in collaboration with Maijazz Stavanger and Oslo Jazzfestival, and was premiered to standing ovations at these three festivals in 2022. The title itself embraces broadly, as an analogy to water in all possible states, textures and shades, and it is borrowed from a piece that Espen wrote back in 2005 and later
arranged for string quartet. With Water Fabric he revisits the chamber music format, but this time with maturity and countless experiences richer.

Espen Berg |Harpreet Bansal |Hayden Powell |Per Oddvar Johansen

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