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Breibeint – Åsmund Reistad & Vegar Vårdal

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Vegar Vårdal: violin, viola and Hardanger Fiddle · Åsmund Reistad: guitar, double bass and mandola

Etter 20 års musikalsk samarbeid lanserer folkemusikkduoen Breibeint sitt debutalbum.

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Åsmund Reistad and Vegar Vårdal releases their duo album “Breibeint”, after 20 years of musical collaboration.


Reistad and Vårdal are two experienced and characteristic musicians. They have collaborated in 20 years and through a lot of different projects they have put a distinctive mark on Norwegian folk music. Combined they have played with musicians such as Mischa Alperin, Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag, Rusk and Aasmund Nordstoga. On this album they combine forces in sparkling musical interaction, where every note is played with meaning.

“This duo is my musical free space and playground. Our goal is to challenge each other, at the same time supporting the other’s playing”- Vegar Vårdal  

To stand «Breibeint» («broad-legged”) is something Åsmund and Vegar have through the time they have played together. They are deeply imerged in the Norwegian traditional music, but they also know how to play with it. This album consists entirely of self-composed material: 

“It is an amazing feeling to release and album with entirely our own material – I almost feel naked” – Vegar Vårdal

The duo uses the rhythm, melancholy, madness, beauty, and humour found in traditional music. Using these tools, they spin melodies based on traditional danse forms, but with a personal touch. The album presents everything from energetic “Nordlanspols” (a traditional tune form from Northern Norway), melancholic marches and waltzes, and a hint of baroque music. The arrangements are playful and energetic, inspired by time, space and the knowing that their music will finally reach an audience.


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