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Retro: last impression – Zuma

Through The Blue · The Tram · Retro · The Winter Of Your Heart · Joy In The City · Pearl · Juno · Fall With Me · Traces Lost · Simplemore… Song

Zuma (Alexander Stenerud & Henrik Njaa)

Full circle: Zuma are back where they should have started.

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Zuma is Norwegian synth-pop at its best! With the release of “Retro – Last Impression” the pop duo is back. Really back, with 10 songs – on vinyl.
After three CDs and an amount of compilations, it was about time. There is something special about the LP-format – with the sound and with the feeling.
Full circle: Zuma are back where they should have started, on vinyl, at the end of the 80’s. The dream was not to release music on MP3, but on a real LP!

Alexander Stenerud |Henrik Njaa |Jan-Tore Diesen |Kim Edward Bergseth |Magnus Rostadmo |Zuma

Release date: 29.08.2014

EAN : 7033661060116

Cat.No.: SNLP6011

Priskategori : LP